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Tailored Emergency, Security and Health & Safety Solutions for your business, event or organisation.

Our Services

Emergency Management & Lockdown Services

Risk Prevention provides Emergency Management, Lockdown and Response Services, to organisations, individuals, schools and communities where there is a vulnerability to natural disasters, security (internal and external), and public health emergencies.

We can also conduct emergency scenario training, lockdown and active shooter procedures so you are better prepared to manage these situations.

  • Emergency Management / Preparedness
    • Emergency Management System (EMS) Development
    • Threat/Impact Assessments
    • Business Continuity Planning Development
    • Crisis Communication Plan Development
  • Emergency Management System testing
  • Emergency / Incident Support
  • Crisis Communications Support
  • Emergency Preparedness Workshops
  • Evacuation Planning & Emergency Procedure Development
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Fire Extinguisher Training

Security Management

As licenced security professionals (Licence # 18-051287), our team will enable your organization to carry out your business-as-usual functions safely at home or in foreign countries with effective processes that enable clear and fluid communication, should the unthinkable happen. 

We provide expert advice and coaching in all facets of Security, whether that be personnel, organisational, or information assets, alongside the documentation and development of policies and procedures for the protection of these assets, including what to do in the event of an active shooter situation.

Risk Prevention can also provide your organisation with in-country support should you need to continue your services in a hostile environment.

  • Security Management Reviews
  • Security Threat Assessments
    • Sniper Location Assessments
    • Penetration Tests
  • High Level Security Support
  • Surveillance

High Risk Solutions | Health and Safety

Risk Prevention offers specialistHealth & Safety and Emergency Preparedness Training for your organisation, business or event.

For events, our team is able to supply your event with qualified site staff, contractors and touring staff to supervise all aspects of Health & Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

We can also conduct emergency management scenario-based training so you are fully prepared and have the confidence to maintain mission focus when information is fluid and fast evolving. This training is designed to expose any flaws/gaps in your emergency processes before you’re required to jump into action to protect life and/or property.

Risk Prevention investigates workplace incidents, fatalities and other incidents involving injuries or near misses within your organisation. Risk Prevention is also a licenced Private Investigation organisation (Licence # 18-051287).

With years of experience in various types of investigations within military, police and industry, our activities are conducted in a formal and professional manner. We have experience in high profile cases with media attention and understand clients’ needs in these situations.

Incidents that involve no injury or property damage should still be investigated to determine the hazards that require further controls. When a serious workplace incident occurs, it’s imperative that organisations conduct a prompt and thorough incident investigation. An incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation can aggravate the problem and increase your potential liability.

  • Confined Space Reviews & Program Development
  • Fatigue Management Solutions and Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution & De-escalation Training
  • Lone & Remote Worker Program Development
  • Height Risk Solutions
  • Farm Risk Solutions
  • Health & Safety Compliance

Your Safe365 Partner

With our software partner Safe 365, we provide a user friendly, cost effective and tailored health and safety software solution that significantly improves your organisations risk management processes. Safe 365 is a user friendly system that enables your organisation to improve worker engagement.

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"We have engaged Risk Prevention for international and domestic security advice over the past 4 years. Paul and his team have always responded in a timely and professional manner. Of significance is the practical information that enhances our own risk prevention strategies. Paul and his team provide a high level of independent scrutiny that assists our board, management and team members. They have also assisted us by developing an Emergency Management Plan and working through how this would be implemented in an emergency situation."

Simon Peterson,
Rowing New Zealand


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