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Phil Swanson - Associate Consultant
Phil Swanson

Associate Consultant

About Phil Swanson

Phil has been involved in Public Safety for over 20 years, from Policing as a defensive tactics (Armed and Un-armed) instructor to providing situational awareness and conflict resolution training to corporation's, he is a well respected and experienced trainer in this field. Phil has a unique teaching style that resonates extremely well with participants.

He has spent time in austere and remote environments around the globe, providing his services to a wide range of clients prior to joining our team. Additionally, and due to his qualifications in construction and engineering, Phil is able to work across a wide range of industries. He is also Certified in Health & Safety, Building Compliance and Investigation. Post Christchurch earthquakes, Phil worked heavily with the Earthquake Commission during the recovery programme as a Quality Assurance and H&S Assessor.

Phil uses a pragmatic approach to providing solutions and services, and when engaging with course participants.


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