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Brett Amos - Associate Consultant
Brett Amos

Associate Consultant

About Brett Amos

Brett is a Security Specialist, expert Trainer and former Police Officer. Brett lead Crime Prevention operations and was instrumental in building relationships within communities, implementing initiatives which had proven results in crime reduction and community safety. Brett was known in the Bay of Plenty as a driving force in setting up and running community Patrols working extensively with Neighbourhood Watch groups.

Brett worked in the Solomon Islands with the RAMSI Mission to provide expert advice and support in Police Operations. He later worked in Iraq with the British Foreign Office providing security advice. These roles have given Brett an excellent understanding of cultural issues and the need for different approaches for various situations.

He currently aids the Earthquake Commission and having to understand considerable amounts of technical information, negotiate with, and explain this, has him engaging with a wide range of stakeholders.

Brett is highly skilled in conflict resolution and holds the CDP (Conflict Dynamic Profile) Training Certification. He is a Certified Trainer in Workplace Conflict Resolution by the Mediation Training Institute, St Petersburg, Florida.  Brett is also a Health and Safety Specialist and holds the ICAM investigations qualification.


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