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Specialist solutions in all facets of Risk, Security and Emergency Management for your business, organisation or event

Because You Matter

Risk Prevention offers specialist solutions in all facets of Risk, Security and Emergency Management. Our team of Police, Fire & Military Veterans, Industry Specialists and experienced Media Personalities  are able to support you and your team in risk mitigation methods and offer solutions for when an incident or event happens.

Risk and Emergency Management Services

Emergency Management & Preparedness

Risk Prevention provides Emergency Management and Preparedness services to businesses, schools, organisations, individuals and communities where there is a vulnerability to natural disasters, security (internal and external), and public health emergencies.

Security Management

As licenced security professionals (Licence # 18-051287), our team will enable your organization to carry out your business-as-usual functions safely at home or in foreign countries with effective processes that enable clear and fluid communication, should the unthinkable happen.

High Risk Solutions
(Health and Safety)

Risk Prevention can develop solutions where ever there is an impact, risk or exposure to your organisation or event, in particular to the people and property. This includes situational risks such as height, confined space, farm and remote workers.  We also have specialists in Conflict Resolution/De -escalation, worker engagement and Health & Safety compliance.

Safe 365 Partner

With our software partner Safe 365, we provide a user friendly, cost effective and tailored health and safety software solution that significantly improves your organisations governance approach to risk management. With its user friendly interface (app), Safe 365 enables your organisation to improve worker engagement. 

About Risk Prevention

Providing specialist skills and technical advice in all aspects of Health & Safety, Security, Lockdown, Emergency & Crisis Management, and Business Continuity Planning.

Innovative Solutions to Practical Problems.

We take pride in delivering practical, tailored solutions in all areas of your business or event. Our services compliment business continuity functions while ensuring compliance with internal policies, national and international standards and regulations.

Our organisation is comprised of high calibre and experienced people who create innovative solutions to practical problems. With a great team, veteran ownership, and comprehensive police, fire & military experience, we're able to carry out tailored solutions to the highest standard. We have a pragmatic attitude to the delivery of solutions for clients’ requirements.

“Paul and his team at Risk Prevention have helped us develop and manage our Health & Safety and Business systems and they have applied extensive knowledge and practical solutions to help us manage to our operations.”

- Sam Lomax
Savory Construction

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