Risk Prevention provides specialist skills and technical advice in all aspects of Health & Safety, Security, Lockdown, Emergency & Crisis Management, and Business Continuity Planning.

No job is too big or small for Risk Prevention

We take pride in delivering practical, tailored solutions in all areas of your business or event.
Our services compliment business continuity functions while ensuring compliance with
internal policies, national and international standards and regulations.

Our organisation is comprised of high calibre and experienced people who create innovative
solutions to practical problems. We have a pragmatic attitude to the delivery of solutions for
clients’ requirements.

Risk Prevention - Because You Matter

Our Services in Depth

Compliance Pathways & Documentation Development

Workplace Incident Investigations

Management System Maintenance & Support Services

Gap Analysis Auditing and Service Reviews

Event Health & Safety and Emergency Management

Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning Services

Security Services (Loss Prevention and Asset Protection)

Emergency Management & Lockdown Services

Compliance Pathways and Documentation Development

Risk Prevention design and tailor Management Systems and Processes to suit your specific requirements. We implement functional systems and programs and ensure all personnel within your organisation fully understand and utilise the system or process appropriately.

It is imperative that all Management Systems and processes are functional, practical and easy to use, otherwise it wastes valuable time and money.

Event Health & Safety and Emergency Management Services

Risk Prevention offers a specialist Event Health, Safety and Emergency Management Service, where taking away the hassle of liaising with local bodies, facility management,promoters and site managers becomes our priority.

Event Health and Safety can cause a strain on resources, to remove that strain, Risk Prevention is able to supply your event with qualified staff, contractors and/or touring staff to supervise all aspects of Health, Safety and Emergency Management. Our team will help you develop, implement and maintain processes for managing your exhibitors, teams and/or contractors to ensure any impact to your event is minimised and your event runs smoothly.

Ensuring you can maintain business continuity during your event, Risk Prevention provides Emergency Management services for where there may be a vulnerability to natural disasters, security (internal and external), disruptions and public health emergencies.

Management System Maintenance & Support

Risk Prevention's diverse range of services also encompasses Management System Maintenance and technical support. In the current climate a number of small/medium businesses are opting for Management System Maintenance support as opposed to engaging full time HSE personnel. This reduces the annual cost of compliance and assists in achieving business objectives. Risk Prevention can provide routine site based support, offsite and technical assistance (RP Agent), to maintain and update an organisation’s Safety Management System.

Workplace Incident Investigations

Risk Prevention investigates workplace incidents, fatalities and other incidents involving injuries or near misses within your organisation. With years of experience in various types of workplace incident investigations,

we understand the requirements and conduct formal workplace investigations and interviews. We have experience in high profile cases with media attention and understand clients’ needs in these situations. Incidents that involve no injury or property damage should still be investigated to determine the hazards that require further controls.

When a serious workplace incident occurs it’s imperative that organisations conduct a prompt and thorough incident investigation. An incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation can aggravate the problem and increase your potential liability. Incident investigations are carried out by our safety professionals who will visit the scene to obtain the facts, then provide a comprehensive and confidential report.

Gap Analysis Auditing and Service Reviews

Our team has the necessary qualifications and training in Auditing to conduct a formal assessment of your Health & Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Crisis and Security Management systems and internal controls. These reviews will identify any threats to, or strengths and weaknesses (internal or external) of your organisation.

On completion of the audit/review, comprehensive recommendations to reduce associated risks and ensure compliance will be presented to your organisation.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning Services

Developing your organisation’s ability to provide a coordinated response and manage a significant incident at the highest level is paramount in ensuring the effective recovery of your business to normal operations at the earliest opportunity. Prompt decision making by a crisis management team can limit potential reputation damage, bad public perception, financial implications and legal liability of the organisation and its stakeholders.

Risk Prevention provides your business with the capability to implement strategies in the
boardroom and deliver effective executive leadership during a crisis or critical incident. We enable companies to prepare, plan and practice their leadership in a crisis by developing those capabilities from workshops where we provide desktop planning sessions through to comprehensive scenarios.

Risk Prevention will provide your team with a strategic specialist, with operational experience
in commercial, police, military and diplomatic environments.

Emergency Management & Lockdown Services

Risk Prevention provides Emergency Management, Lockdown and Response Services, to individuals, children, families, education facilities and communities where there is a vulnerability to natural disasters, security (internal and external), business continuity and public health emergencies.

We provide expert advice on all facets of Emergency Management, Lockdown, Response and Recovery through policy, planning, operations and partnerships. for your emergency preparedness requirements (including kits and extinguishers) and Risk Management Group (RMG) for health and safety training requirements.

Security Services

Risk Prevention provide expert advice in all facets of Security including, Loss Prevention and
Asset Protection (including personnel assets). Risk Prevention will assist in the identification of an organization's assets (including information assets), followed by the development, documentation, and implementation of policies and procedures for protecting these assets. We review opportunities for in all areas of ‘Risk’ including Avoidance, Reduction, Spreading, Transfer, & Acceptance.

Our team has the provision to enable your organisation to carry out your business as usual functions safely in foreign countries with effective process that enable clear and fluid communication should the unthinkable happen. Risk Prevention can provide your organisation with in country support should you need to continue your services in hostile environments.

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